Welcome to the Net Zero Hero and The Strathcona Net Zero House.  We’ve moved in and now it’s time to see if 5 years of planning and 1 year of construction has accomplished what we had hoped.  Please visit the blog by clicking the tab in the top right corner and check out our journey so far and please subscribe to the blog or bookmark it and come back again to find out how our first year living in a net zero house is going.

The Strathcona Net Zero House

A Cold Climate Net Zero House In One Of Canada’s Coldest Cities


Edmonton has more net zero houses now than the rest of Canada combined.  CBC Radio One hosted a three part radio series about energy efficient houses in Edmonton.

Check for details.

David Dodge of Green Energy Futures has also produced a series of webcasts called Chasing Net Zero. Check out 

Net Zero Beautiful

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.  I like to think that my wife and I are “styling it” in our net zero house and also doing something that helps the environment.  Check out Net Zero Beautiful under the blog section for some great interior shots.  This latest blog entry and previous ones can be viewed by clicking the “Blog” tab in the far upper right corner of this page.